Metal and elastic gaskets

  • Easily compressible.
  • Resistant to high temperatures and pressures.
  • Configurable according to needs.
  • They compensate for misalignments of the flanges.

Metaljacketed gaskets

Our Metaljacketed gaskets consists of a metal lining that encloses a sealing element (Euroseal® graphite, PTFE, Euroseal® Thermoseal). Extremely versatile, these gaskets can be made with any shape and material, making them particularly suitable for heat exchangers or for all uses in which requires a compressibility of 20-30% which could compensate for any irregularities in the sealing surfaces.

Metaljacketed dimensions

General Packing manufactures Euroseal® Metaljacketed gaskets for any type of dimension and shape.


Datasheet download


• Heat exchangers.
• Refineries.


• ASTM E499a: Fugitive emission test
• VDI 2440, ASME SECT.V ART.10 APP. IX: Fugitive emission test
• API 6FB-2011: Fire test

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