Gasket design


Gasket design

General Packing offers a gasket design service that starts from the study of the material suitable for the application, up to the construction of the seal. This phase is essential to give the EUROSEAL gaskets a high sealing power during their use. The Technical Office boasts a proven experience in the field and is always available to offer comprehensive advice and assistance to all customers.

The team of engineers is constantly updated and uses two-dimensional and three- dimensional design software, carrying out feasibility analyzes and stress studies.

Customer service


Consultancy on materials, chemical and mechanical compatibility to propose seals suitable for application through the information provided by the customer.


Design of standard and customized seals according to use.


Feasibility study by analyzing and evaluating the characteristics of the project, identifying the most suitable and functional sealing solution.


Tightening simulations to determine the correct load to apply to the gasket and the optimal parameters.

FDA compliance

FDA compliance and certifications.


Constant presence guaranteed in pre and post-sales customer support.


Technical and economic offers elaborated on the basis of the professional competence of our sales technicians.

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General Packing designs gaskets starting from the study of the material up to the realization of the seal.

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