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General Packing Italy SpA (G.P.I.) is specialized in design, production and distribution of industrial gaskets.

G.P.I. was born in 1965, as Garlock Sealing Technologies exclusive agent for the Italian market, soon becoming the biggest distributor in Europe. Throughout the years, the continuous partnership with Garlock and the constant investments in specialized human resources have contributed to the development of General Packing’s EUROSEAL® line; a far-sighted choice that has made the company famous worldwide as an absolute reference-point  in pure mineral graphite applications for industrial seals: sheets,
packings, spiral-wound, metal-jacketed and engineered gaskets.

G.P.I. is a member of AIPE (Italian Association of Pressure Equipment) and is also an active member of the ESA (European Sealing Association), among the most important associations of seal manufacturers in the world.
Today G.P.I. is recognized to be an effective and reliable manufacturer, with three state-of-the-art plants: Milan and Priolo in Italy, and Shanghai in China.
The Milan and Priolo production sites assure customers an effective 24/7 first aid service.

In our premises the EUROSEAL® range is produced in complete cycle: from the raw materials (graphite, ptfe, stainless steel) to the finished products. Already in its second generation management, skilled and experienced to respond to the most challenging requests of end-users and engineering companies, General Packing is present both directly and through  its authorized distributors in Europe, Africa, Middle and Far -East, as well as the Americas.


G.P.I. boasts fully owned production plants, where the complete cycle of the EUROSEAL® product range in pure expanded mineral graphite is manufactured: from the graphite coils to the finished engineered gaskets and braided packings. Inserts and reinforcements are then added, made in almost all available types of stainless steels and special alloys, according to applications requirements.
Metals are cut and worked totally in-house.

In the recent plant expansions, all the product lines based on metallic gaskets have been enhanced; spiralwound and metal-jacketed gaskets are skilfully made to any kind, size and shape requested by customers. In total, over 10.000 square meters, with workshops, technical departments, test laboratories, warehouses, cafeterias and relax areas for the employees. Two manufacturing plants in Italy (Milan and Priolo), as well as one in the heart of Shanghai.

G.P.I. has in stock the whole range of Garlock products: GYLON, IFG, KLOZURE, GRAPH-LOCK, PS seals and GAR -SEAL valves.
All production sites have Quality System certified by DNV -GL ISO 9001: 2015.
General Packing annually passes and exceeds the audits of its customers. The fully furbished warehouses offer the whole production range in ready delivery, to face even non-standard requests from customers worldwide.

The technology, the graphite knowledge, the care for every detail of the manufacturing process and the professionalism of the technicians allow General Packing Italy to perfctly meet the needs of its customers. The skilled workers are an asset for the many years of experience in the manufacture of gasketing products.

Plastic-free company

We deeply feel the need to move towards a more sustainable world, which allows us to leave our children a healthier and cleaner home. For this reason we have chosen a lifestyle and work plastic-free and less impactful: small but decisive steps towards raising awareness and respect for the environment in which we live and of which we are guests.

General Packing has taken steps to eliminate the use of plastic from all its departments. Each package is made with recycled paper, adhesive paper tapes and wooden crates. A drinking water dispenser was also installed which, thanks to a special filtration system, guarantees its quality, allowing us to say goodbye to disposable glasses and bottles.

This Plastic Free project, inspired by the principles of reduce-reuse-recycle, is aimed at environmental sustainability, a value that has always been promoted by General Packing in all its areas of external and internal activity thanks to the active commitment of individual workers who become actors in a change process.

Other concrete examples of this project and lifestyle and work style are energy autonomy from renewable sources, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels, and the renewal of the company car fleet made up entirely of hybrid and fully electric cars.

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