Gaskets for air-cooler

  • Obtained by turning or milling.
  • Reduced clamping load.
  • Guaranteed tightness even in the presence of high thermal cycles.
  • Coating of your choice.
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Sealing systems for air-coolers

EUROSEAL® Kap Seal – 300 gasket consists of two elements: a metal core with concentric grooves, obtained by turning or milling form method, and a layer of sealing material. The rigid metal core provides the gasket with exceptional stability and facilitates its handling and installation. The grooves convey the stress on a smaller area and decrease the bolt load needed for a tight seal, even with thermal cyclings. It is best suited for applications on worn out surfaces.
The sealing layer can be realized with: EUROSEAL® graphite, Thermoseal or PTFE.


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• Air cooler.

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