Flexible connectors for piping

• Laboratory tested.
• Single or multiple arch design.
• Available in PTFE, elastomer or combinations.
• Reduced space compared to expansion curves.

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Expansion joints for piping systems are flexible connectors, made out of PTFE, natural or synthetic elastomers, with combinations of rubber, fabric and metal reinforcement. Expansion joints installed into piping systems will help solve problems such as:

  • Stresses: expansion joints absorb movement due to thermal expansion and contraction of pipes, wear, load stresses and settling of supports and foundations;
  • Misalignment: custom expansion joints can be manufactured with offsets to account for installation errors in pipe alignment, or for movement and settling over time;
  • Abrasion: with proprietary elastomers such as ABRA-LINE, abrasion can be significantly reduced compared to other rubber or metallic connectors;
  • Vibration:  rubber expansion joints significantly reduce vibration when installed in proper locations and are not subject to metal fatigue failure;
  • Noise: transmission of sound is reduced as the expansion joint acts as a dampener and absorbs the noise levels;
  • Corrosion: no metal to metal contact eliminating electrolysis between dissimilar metals;
  • Space: greatly reduced space required compared to expansion bends or loops.

Technical Properties

For chemical applications, Garlock offers a mechanically bonded FEP GUARDIAN coating. Available for Style 204 and Style 206 models.

For abrasive applications, Garlock offers expansion joints with an ABRA-LINE tube, which offers superior abrasion resistance compared to other elastomers.
Available for Style 204, Style 206 and Style 7250 models.


• Piping connections.

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