Innovative cap for air-cooler

  • Self-centering profile.
  • Available in all metallurgies.
  • Tested by several Italian manufacturers.
  • Coupling with EUROSEAL® KAP SEAL.
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Sealing systems for air-coolers

EUROSEAL® GP Plug is the innovative air-cooler plug engineered to optimize the gasket tightening and as a consequence the sealability of the system. The designed profile ensures the correct gasket centering, uniformingly distributing the stress on the gasket surface. The EUROSEAL® GP Plug – Kap Seal kit, is available in several metals, and constitutes the best solution for severe applications where thermal and pressure cycles jeopardize the sealing. The EUROSEAL® GP Plug – Kap Seal kit has been tested by different Italian air cooler manufacturers: the results show excellent performance in sealability even at lower plug loads with respect to the theoretical ones.


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• Air cooler.

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