High density pure PTFE packing

  • FDA compliance yarns.
  • Excellent chemical compatibility.
  • Low coefficient of friction.
  • Suitable for static and dynamic applications.
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Pure PTFE packing

EUROSEAL® 2026 is a high density PTFE pure yarn packing, FDA compliant. Flexibility and excellent mechanical properties ensure low friction coefficient and impermeability to gas and liquid.
EUROSEAL® 2026 is characterized by excellent chemical resistance, it is suitable on food applications and it resists both to yield strengths and tensile strengths.

Packing dimensions

General Packing supplies EUROSEAL® 2026 PTFE packing in standard sections from 1/8 to 1 inch and beyond. Special sections are available on request.


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• Food industries.
• Chemical-Pharmaceutical industries.
• Thermoelectric power stations.
• Pulp and Paper industries.

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