EUROSEAL® Thermoseal packing reinforced with Inconel

  • Ideal for top and bottom rings.
  • No oxidation up to 850 ° C.
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures.
  • Widely used on regulating valves.
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Packing in EUROSEAL® Thermoseal and Inconel

EUROSEAL® 2303AOS packing is made of yarns
containing Thermoseal fine strip and Inconel wire. EUROSEAL ® 2303AOS is resistant to extremely high temperature.
Excellent sealing power and good adaptability to any stuffing box are additional features of this packing.
EUROSEAL® 2303AOS is reliable during thermal
cycles, without oxidation at 850 °C.

Packing dimensions

General Packing supplies EUROSEAL® 2303 AOS in standard sections from 1/8 to 1 inch and beyond. Special sections are available on request.


Datasheet download


• Petrochemical plants.
• Steel industry.
• Thermoelectric power stations.
• Paper industry.

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