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Choosing General Packing in order to have BAT

Choosing the Euroseal® product line is a guarantee of synergy, reliability, quality and safety in your plants.

Training Garlock

Garlock Training 2023

Collaboration and sharing is the best seal. Thanks to @Garlock GmbH Europe for the opportunity given to our engineers with many precious days of updating and training to strengthen the partnership that binds these two great companies since 1965.

Valve World: Flange Isolation Kit

Corrosion of flange connections is a phenomenon of great importance as it can lead to health and safety problems as well as economic losses and unwanted downtime. Engineer Francesca Torriani analyses and proposes strategies to prevent galvanic corrosion, one of the most frequent cases, in the article 'Flange isolation kits' published in the December edition of Valve World.

Case Study: Garlock ONE-UP Pump Diaphragm

AODD (Air Operated - Double Diaphragm) pumps are becoming more prevalent throughout the paint and coatings industry. They are considered “shear sensitive” pumps which means they can move the media without over agitating or separating it. AODD pumps can also move highly viscous and abrasive media.

Cleaning of components for oxygen service

Whilst oxygen is not flammable, it does support combustion of other materials. Essentially, the majority of substances are combustible in oxygen-rich environments. Therefore the cleanliness of gaskets, packings and other seals in contact with oxygen is essential so that they are not contaminated with substances that could cause ignition.

GYLON EPIX 3501 fogli e guarnizioni piane garlock

Case study: Petrolchemical Plant

Application of Garlock® Gylon Epix 3501 in a company maker of petrochemical feed-stocks used in the manufacture of plastics, rubber, fibers, solvents, detergents, fertilizers and paints. The customer was open to trying new gasket technology to get rid of leaks in old and uneven flange connections.


Case study: Chemical Plant

Application of Euroseal® Thermoseal Rings in a sulphuric acid production company. The characteristic materials and composition of Euroseal® Thermoseal rings ensure a high resistance to extremely elevate temperature and aggressive chemical media.

Euroseal Camprofile

Our production keeps working in full swing, in all our General Packing quarters. Our Euroseal Camprofile gaskets are ideal for chemical and petrolchemical factories and they can stand high temperature and pressure. This make our Camprofile gasket suitable for the most critical application, thanks to its compression resistance and thanks to the huge range of metals and sealing materials available.

PS-SEAL tenute dinamiche garlock

Case study: Food industry

Application of Garlock PS-SEAL® in the production of machinery, mixers and food processors. The high effectiveness of the seal, and the FDA EN 1935/2004 certification, prompted the manufacturer to include Garlock PS-SEAL® in the project specifications.

Case study: Steel industry

In steel plants, extreme temperatures and oxidizing environments require highly performing materials. Euroseal® 2303 AOS is the best choice for applications with aggressive chemical agents, thanks to its exclusive composition in Euroseal® Thermoseal (phyllosilicates) and Inconel.

Case study: Distllation plant

Example of application of Garlock® Gylon Bio Pro and Bio Asept gaskets at a pharmaceutical company. After numerous experiments and studies, the customer experienced a useful life of the seals that was four times longer than the previous ones used, thanks to the use of Garlock® Gylon Bio Pro (Style 3504) and Garlock® Gylon Bio-Asept (Style 3504) seals.

pannelli solari general packing

Green Production

General Packing Italy SpA is committed to developing and using techniques that allow it to produce and pack its products with the minimum environmental impact. The use of renewable energy, such as solar, led the company to invest in the installation of 2 photovoltaic systems for a total of 98 kw. In this way, our plants are self-sufficient.

Garlock - General Packing: a combination of reliability

Over 50 years of friendship and successes together!

General Packing - Plastic free

Azienda plastic-free

All our packaging is now plastic free!

insegna general packing

The General Packing light never goes out!

We are always open for your every need and emergency 24/7!

noi ci siamo general packing


In this period of health emergency, General Packing supports the National Healthcare System, the Italian Red Cross and the Sacco public hospital in Milan. Because nobody should be left behind!

tmr general packing


Research, innovation and passion...for over 50 years!

Guarnizione garlock euroseal

The correct answer?


Meeting tecnico commerciale milano 2019

Milan 2019 technical commercial meeting

Teamworking during the technical sales meeting in Milan 2019

pannelli solari general packing

General Packing Italy, solar company:

Always at the forefront for the protection and respect of our natural environment



From our workshop in Siracusa, emergency gaskets for the legendary Rainbow Warrior of Greenpeace. The environment before everything!

camprofile ring joint

Offering the most suitable solution is our task

plastic free


GPI sets the peace in ESA to becoming a plastic-free company

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