Semi-metallic gaskets with concentric grooves

  • Reduced torque.
  • Great sealing power at high pressure.
  • API6FB Fire-safe certification.
  • Available with or without centering ring.

Grooved metal gasket

Euroseal® Camprofile gaskets consist of two elements: a metal core with concentric grooves and covered by a sealing material. The rigid metal core provides exceptional stability and facilitates its handling and installation. The grooves divert the bolt load on a small area, reducing the necessary power torque in order to guarantee a perfect seal. The sealing layers provide a perfect sealability even under low stress and withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature. The sealing material can be realized with: Euroseal® graphite, ceramic fibre, Euroseal® Thermoseal or PTFE.

Camprofile dimensions

General Packing manufactures Euroseal® Camprofile for flanges according to ASME B16.21 and UNI 1514-1 standards. Special dimensions are available on request.


Datasheet download


• Thermoelectric power stations.
• Petrolchemical industries.
• Steel industries.
• OEM.


• API 6FB-2011: Fire test

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