ON-SITE Repairs


On-site flange repair

Flanges of all kinds may need repair following damage due to blows or accidents, restoration due to wear or simple use, reconstruction due to change of sealing system.

Portable machine tools

Our portable machine tools, such as pneumatic lathes, are able to restore the sealing seats. Furthermore, it is possible to machine flat surfaces, ring joint seats, male-female grooves and to create concentric or helical phonographic grooves.

It covers machining ranges from 0 to 120 ”for flanged couplings or even up to 3500mm. The finishes and tolerances are of flatness 0.04 mm and roughness 1.6mm Ra to 6.3mm Ra.


Milling is carried out with the aid of portable pneumatic, hydraulic or electric milling machines. Through these tools it is possible to work:

• Tube plates of heat exchangers;
• Bases of pumps and compressors, turbines and alternators;
• Air-cooler sealing seats.

laser guided machining
hyrogen sealjournal machining
hy85 excavator boom argenteomining
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