Radial Mechanical Seal

  • Axial overall dimensions of only 8 mm.
  • Suitable for dry applications.
  • Ideal for viscous fluids and powders.
  • Alternative to face seals and packing.
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Mechanical lip seal

Euroseal® TMR is a radial mechanical shaft seal suitable for numerous applications such as fans, agitators, mixers for liquids and / or powders, augers and rotocells, horizontal or vertical rotary filters, compressors, pumps. It constitutes a valid alternative to front mechanical seals and packing. The remarkable performance of Euroseal® TMR is ensured by the wear-resistant, self-lubricating and chemically inert GYLON® lip seals.

Seals configuration

Euroseal® radial mechanical seals are available in various configurations, with different diameters and thickness. General Packing produces TMR according to the needs of its customers, with lip sealing rings and gaskets of various types, according to the application.


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