EUROSEAL® 322 | Gasket

Graphite and AISI 316 gasket: the ideal combination

  • Prestressed external area.
  • High handling.
  • Adaptability on rough, scratched, pitted surfaces.
  • Avoid buckling effect.
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A double AISI 316L insert, with a high density tanged profile, guarantees the mechanical fusion of three low sulphur content graphite layers. The external portion of the sealing surface is precompressed. The graphite ensures a perfect sealability even with rough, scratched or pitted surfaces and it avoids the so-called “buckling” effect.


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  • Thermoelectrical power stations.
  • Petrolchemical industries.
  • Steel industries.
  • Chemical-Pharmaceutical industries.


  • ASTM D635/98: Rate of burning in horizontal position
  • ASTM F 36-95: Determination of compressibility and recovery
  • ASTM F 37-95 metodo B: Verification of the pneumatic sealability
  • ASTM F 38-95 metodo A: Verification of creep relaxation
  • TA Luft e VDI 2440: TA LUFT Certificate
  • DIN EN 1797: 2002-02: Impact test in liquid oxygen
  • ISO 10497 e BS 6755 part 2: Fire test
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