EUROSEAL® Chemseal

EPDM and PTFE gasket

  • High chemical resistance.
  • Maximum tightness with low clamping loads.
  • UV resistant.
  • Flexibility ensured by EPDM.
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The special cross section reduces the contact point between gasket and flange (torque required is reduced as much as 75%). Excellent choice for chemical, pharmaceutical plants, for electronic industries and wherever there are glass lined, plastic, fiberglass and non–metallic flanges.


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  • Chemical-Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Thermoelectrical power plants.
  • Steel industries.
  • Food industries.


  • VDI 2440, ASME SECT.V ART.10 APP. IX: Fugitive emission test
  •, VDI 2440 Point TA LUFT Certificate TA Luft Point
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